Talk To A Girl

What to say and how to say it

Talk To A Girl - What to say and how to say it

How to Seductively Talk to a Girl

seductively talk to a girlEnough talking about the weather and how much you both hate How I Met Your Mother. Once you and a woman you fancy have been alone together, focused on each other, and chatting away it’s probably time to turn up the heat of the conversation. Use language to intensify emotions. Seductive speech is subtle, laced with metaphor and suggestion. Here I give you a subversive, romantic routine you can unleash when you feel the time is right to shift the chit chat vibe from comfortable to more intriguing and arousing.

It begins innocently from the middle of any conversation as you lose your focus.

“…Ugh I totally forgot what I was about to say. I hate that. I had something on the tip of my tongue and my mind just went blank. I hate my brain right now. It’s like it just did a refresh.”

Then you transition into talking about how the brain works.

“I actually studied neurology and the way your mind processes thoughts is incredible. Basically your brain has two hemispheres. The left side is like the accountant. It does math, judges distances, it deals in logic and decision making. The right side is like a poet. It’s creative and emotional, it understands compassion and beauty.”

Next, segue into how this affects people’s personalities.

“The two sides help each other but they also compete. But it’s unique to each person. Which side is more powerful shows in people’s behavior.”

Then discuss how you and she as individuals are more left or right brain oriented. The key here is to be specific.

“I see you as being more right brained. For example, when I told you about how my friend’s girlfriend cheated on him your first reaction was

“‘Aww, that’s terrible. He must have felt awful.’ You instantly sympathized with him emotionally which is an instinctual right brain response. As opposed to if you had said, ‘Well, he should break up with her’ which would be to first rationalize a solution and more left brained.”

Use Cold Reading to Seductively Talk to a Girl

Here you get the opportunity to do some cold reading freestyle. Dwell on her personality and yours, open up and don’t be afraid to be wrong. Explore it with her, be specific about what in her behavior you see as being right or left brained. The deeper you delve into your personalities the better. It may lead to an hour long conversation! Speak intimately and candidly. But then bring it all together in a flourish as you praise emotion over logic.

“There’s not always an equal balance in both sides but our left brain seems to me like it restrains the right. It’s protective. It analyzes everything like a cop. But I don’t want to be robotic. People are too inhibited. We’re human; emotions should be natural and free. I’m alive, I want happiness, romance and joy. You’ll find danger in every situation if you look for it. But more often than not we need to silence that voice because some things in life just don’t make sense. Passion doesn’t make sense but neither does being afraid of it. Sometimes we just need to let go. Give in to pleasure.”

The wording here is just an example and I warn against ever reciting memorized prose for risk of coming off just plain cheesy. Seductive language is bold and comes from the heart. But it’s elusively suggestive so that her imagination interprets what you leave vague. I quote Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction in a chapter on the demonic power of words: “…speak colloquially, though with a poetic edge to lift the language above the commonplace.”

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