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What to say and how to say it

Talk To A Girl - What to say and how to say it

How to Be Heard When You Talk to Girls

how to be heard when you talk to girlsThe volume of music in nightclubs and bars can be an obstacle for guys when they talk to girls. Many people find themselves having trouble communicating over the loud, repetitive tunes. If you’re not used to the noise it can be hard to think, let alone communicate! This exercise is an easy way for any guy and his wing to overcome the deafening noise of the nightclub and master their vocal skills.

Just don’t get in trouble with your neighbors for disturbing the peace!

Here is How to Be Heard When You Talk to Girls

Level 1: Become Accustomed to Speaking in Noisy Environments
First you’ll need a stereo that can really blast some music (the stereo in your car will work for the Level 1 exercise.) Put on something loud, anything from bumping club music to grinding death metal will do. Blast the music. Stand about 10 ft away from a friend and simply talk about anything for 5 to 10 minutes.

The point here is to get comfortable to thinking and speaking over loud music. It doesn’t matter at this point if the other person understands what you are saying. What matters is that you can keep on track and tell a story all the way through, over the music. After about two weeks of this, you’ll find that you are much more comfortable around loud music.

Level 2: Practice Telling Stories and Listening
Write up, find, or memorize a story that your partner has never heard before. Stand across from each other and crank the music up. One of you will be the storyteller and the other will be the listener. The storyteller will try to communicate his story over the blasting music. The listener will try to figure out what the story is all about.

Once the storyteller is finished telling his tale, turn the music down. Now, the listener will explain what he believes the story was all about. If his version of the story is way off, then the storyteller needs to change how he expresses his story.

The storyteller and listener should discuss ways that you could use your body language and tonality to more accurately tell the story. Use your hands, make gestures, or change your facial expressions to match feelings or events in the story. Emphasize specific words that are important to the meaning of the story. Find parts of the story where you can throw in some kino.

Tell the story again. Then change roles.

There are two lessons for this exercise in volume control. The first lesson is how to communicate an entire story to a group of people in a loud night club so that the listeners get the point.

The second lesson is how to listen to and interpret a story in a loud environment. This is especially important when a girl is telling you a story. The more you can hear, the better your response could be. Make sure you use different stories each time you practice.

This exercise will prove invaluable when you go out and talk to girls.

Also Pay Attention to Body Language
One of the worst things you can do in a noisy club is to “peck” when you can’t hear what someone is saying. You probably wouldn’t even notice that you’re doing it, but other people can observe your body language and pretending to be a chicken is a huge demonstration of lower value. Here’s what we mean when we say “peck.”

When you can’t hear someone, most guys will lean in closer to the speaker. Some men even think this is a positive form of kino because they can use the noise as an excuse to get close to the lady. However, by repeatedly leaning in, you resemble a ravenous chicken, pecking at feed in the chicken coop. It looks bad, it conveys lower value, and it basically puts your head on a string that’s controlled by the speaker.

Resist the urge to peck. If you can’t hear what someone says, stand tall and simply ask them to repeat it. Do not lean forward. Be confident in your ability to simply ask someone to speak up. Don’t be embarrassed and don’t mumble. But most of all, don’t peck.

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